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Secrets Of The Naturally Thin

Did you know that obesity is becoming an epidemic of the 21st Century? Although there are many differing reasons why you want to lose weight - you may want a healthier body, look slimmer, feel bet........ Read More

Natural Cure For Flatulence (wind)

Why does it always happen in a crowded elevator? That's what I'd like to know. Or even worse, you are out with a potential new boyfriend or girlfriend, and you really want to impress, when all of a s........ Read More

Naturally Sweet And Healthy - The Wonders Of Stevia

Stevia (STEE-vee-uh) is an outstanding, sweet tasting herb that has remarkable health promoting qualities. The sweetness of Stevia is largely due to its complex stevioside molecule that is composed of........ Read More

Killing Ants With Natural Insecticides

Ants can be a nuisance, a threat to those who are allergic to ant bites, and have been known as killers. It wouldn't seem possible of such a tiny creature, but their biggest defense seems to be the........ Read More

Natural Mood Enhancer Supplements

5 HTP, GABA and St. Johns Wort Mood Enhancers What is 5 HTP Mood Enhancer? The Griffonia Extract is rich in 5-HydroxyTryptophan (5-HTP), which comes from an African vegetable, the Griffonia simplicifo........ Read More

The Natural Success Cycle Always Begins With Failure

Our parents didn’t tell us this. Our teachers didn’t tell us this. Our older siblings didn’t tell us this. We didn’t even hear it from our first employers. What is this? That in anything we do........ Read More

Improve Your Health With Natural Foods

Remember the movie that came out recently where the fellow ate nothing but fast food for an entire month? If you saw the movie then you know the results of the month of junk food on the man’s body, ........ Read More

Why Use Natural Insecticide?

Some say that a natural insecticide cannot, by its nature, be as effective as a synthetic one. Chemical insecticides are used often by large farms. It may seem that the time for the use of natural........ Read More

Cure Your Yeast Infection Naturally

Overview of Some Natural Causes You already about some causes of yeast infections like antibiotics, diabetes, wet or tight clothing. But there are also many natural causes, too. Some of those are........ Read More

Melatonin: All-natural Alternative Sleep Inducer

When you find it hard to fall asleep; wake up too often in the middle of the night; and still feel tired after you wake up in the morning ---- chances are, you are suffering from a sleeping disorder. ........ Read More

Boost The Immune System The Natural Way - Part 2

Other than taking a decent amount of exercise and following a healthy diet, we may feel there is little we can do to help our bodies maintain themselves. However, it is possible to boost the immune s........ Read More

Tooth Decay: Here Is How To Avoid Tooth Cavities Naturally.

Not to sound vain, I often receive several compliments on my dentition and the apparent absence of any sign of tooth decay. Besides my mother's genes; other factors come into strong play: Proper Maint........ Read More

Natural Human Growth Hormone: Hope Or Hoax?

Anti-Aging Research: HGH Therapy You may feel 30, but your body keeps reminding you you're not. You fatigue easily. Your bones and joints hurt more often. The only part of your body that's thinning i........ Read More

Is Natural Therapy Right For You?

Natural therapy is an alternative medicine using a combination of alternative medicines. The most common ones used are diet modification, different foods, dietary supplements and exercise. All of thes........ Read More

How To Prepare Natural Insecticide

If you want to get rid of pests in your garden or home, you can always get an insecticide at your local store. It may be a harsh chemical that you don't want in your home, though. You might prefer........ Read More


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